Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wes Clark the lying snake that murdered my dad

I have not taken the time to read this book that you are talking about but it very much resembles the plans that the Pentagon seems to have. 

The idea was to conquer about 7 Arab States within 5 or 10 years. It is that America is a bit stuck and stretched in Iraq or they would have gone for Syria, Libya, Lebanon....and 4 more, would have to check which ones that are. 

And look at how WL and the people of some countries recently have accomplished a peaceful revolution.

But the plans to conquer certain countries because of their oil have not changed. 20 or 30 years from now the oil situation will be getting very important. Only the country that has the best resources can still move around. That is vital for everything. It will make a differnce like having food or not when you are starvin. Having cloth or not when it is freezing cold outside.

The oil reserves will make a difference in every future WAR. That is why the US is so determined to get everything for themselves.

The Pentagon has the fucking Aaron Barr mentality of
The only law is mine.....

Or the mentality of Madame de Pompadour (mistress of Louis XV)

Après moi le déluge........
Nach mir die Sündflut.......
Na mij de zondvloed......

But then again Madame de Pompadour was French so she must have been dressed much better and was probably much more fun in bed as well then these Pentagon ass holes.

And here is the stinking rate that tortured and murdered my dad and has told me before (in 2000 in Switserland) that him getting fired in 1999 was suppose to me my fault. The truth is the Clinton government wanted the fucking snake gone. Has nothing to do with me. But Clark did murder my dad. I want Clark on the elelctirc chair !!!

At 06.40 minutes is when the story about 7 countries and 5 years starts.....

Wes trying to look as the holy guy that means so well.......such a peace lover. But finds it normal to get away with torture and murder.

7 countries in 5 years

1. Iraq
2. Syria
3. Lebanon
4. Libya
5. Somalia
6 Soedan
7. Iran

You can not win it by killing people......hé Wes you bastard.

As if you have never killed lying snake.
Wes trying to look holy. And win an election.