Wednesday, 9 March 2011

About Me - have a look at my profile page on Facebook

There are quite a few bits and pieces about me on Facebook and it is much easier
and faster to just put a link on here. Rather then placing everything again on this blog.

The second link leads to a picture of me that was taken in 1992 in Brussels.
At a point in time when Wes Clark and his ugly shitbag were very often
sometimes weekly stalking and harrasing me.

He was very often in the company of 1-2- or 4 bodyguards.

In 1992 I also met Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg and a German General by the name
of Naumann at a castle near Brussels where my firm was holding a sales conference.

They were with Wes Clark and 3 or 4 more Bundeswehr guys plus one of Clarks
American Pentagon buddies.

I will place the link with the location in here later, for those people who wish to
look up the location or investigate the case.