Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Torture and Murder by Wes Clark

 Mirjam Eikelboom

Good that you now gave this stuff its own topic.
Where does the 'drawl'/hot potato in the accent of Mr. Clark come from - is that something for the upper class (like in Holland)??

And what exactly were you and your fathers connections with him: did you start out as colleagues, acquaintances, friends - whatever??

The accent is Arkansas. He has it when giving speeches but you hardly notice it at all when he is there in person. I never notice it when he is there and have known him for over 30 years by now.

Connection is a very long story. 

Clark got send with his entire family to Germany.
Stationed there because of 1975

They lived next door to my parents house and pretended to be neightbours, sort of by accident.

They were very unpleasent people then and that has never changed.

But this part here can be very easily proven. Plenty of people have seen him there at the time
and know about it.