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United States, the principle of dual sovereignty applies to homicide, as to other crimes. If murder is committed within the borders of a state, that state has jurisdiction. If the victim is a federal official, an ambassadorconsul or other foreign official under the protection of the United States, or if the crime took place on federal property or involved crossing state lines, or in a manner that substantially affects interstate commerce or national security, then the federal government also has jurisdiction. If a crime is not committed within any state, then Federal jurisdiction is exclusive: examples include the District of Columbianaval or U.S.-flagged merchant vessels in international waters, or a U.S. military base. In cases where a murder involves both state and federal jurisdiction, the offender can be tried and punished separately for each crime without raising issues of double jeopardy, unless the court believes that the new prosecution is merely a "sham" forwarded by the prior prosecutor.[1]

Consider this: Bush junior and Clark senior visited my grandparent's hotel in 1975; I was 12 at the time. The purpose of their visit was to gain information. The fact that I am very clairvoyant was never doubted. Armstrong himself made the case. I was telling the US Air Force in 1968 at age 5 a lot of details about the moon landing at a point in time when the adults around me had no clue who this Armstrong guy was suppose to be. It did not take them very long to come back with camera and tape equipment. 

Given the fact that Clark was standing around in his NATO uniform when he murdered my dad (Antwerp Belgium in June of 1999) I have to assume that it was "official" military business. Clark claims when talking to me (Melano Switzerland in May of 2000) that he has lost his job because of this. I do not believe that because I had not yet pressed criminal charges and it is a weird idea to think that corrupt police that is taking pictures of torture would turn themselves in.

To the best of my knowledge the Bush government and who knows maybe the Obama White House as well want to totally control and redact what Clark is allowed to say while testifying at the The Hague tribunal. In a just world Clark would have been picked up immediately when he started to torture innocent civilians in Europe in 1992. Zu Guttenberg has knowledge about this and did witness Clark torture my dad. (For the first time in 1992, Zu Guttenberg was present) So do other people. Maybe it would be an excellent idea to drag Zu Guttenberg and Naumann to The Hague as well and ask them what they know about the torture of innocent civilians that Clark has organized starting in 1992 and the murder of my dad that took place in 1999.

During his visit to Germany in September of 2007 (Police in Europe does have the details) to the best of my knowledge, Clark was wearing a wire and a bulletproof west and the intention was to get me killed. He was asking me for a date and while he was asking it I saw myself lying dead inside his BMW with a bullet in my head, so it was very easy to decline the date. The Bundeswehr had an ex General present at the time who was dressed up as a civilian. And I am very convinced that Clark had backup in the form of at least one other car. I would have ended up dead with a bullet in my head inside a BMW with a Belgian license plate standing around at a gas station along the highway in Germany. Clark is such an enormous coward that despite of the giant amount of organization he did not dare to shoot me inside the restaurant because I had asked a person who passed by to inform the German police or inform the German BND about this situation. 

Not daring in the sense of Clark wants to keep his fake hero image fairy tale going, and shooting someone inside a restaurant when there are witnesses present and Nato has him on satellite could mean a serious dent in his so called clean image. Other than that he naturally dares to organize the sort of torture that people cannot escape and cut of their body parts and he seems to enjoy that. And finds it very normal to get away with it.

The pressure that an investigative police would have to put on that bastard could not possibly be enough. You are dealing with a sadist and a psychopath. That has organized very violent torture and homicide of at least one innocent civilian and would do whatever it takes to try and get away with it.

Do you have a weapon ? Is always the first question that Clark is asking me when coming by to further harass me. Even inside my own living room after breaking in, the first thing that the lying creep wants to know is: "Do you have a weapon inside the house…..?" (August of 2004) before returning with an entire team of soldiers to kidnap me in September of 2004. The AIVD must have aided in the preparation of the kidnapping and what is seen as attempted murder by some district attorneys. 

The harassment on the German highway on August 17 of 2010 was yet another test round to see how far he could go. Clark seems to be uncertain if the German police will finally interfere and just pick him up at one point. That is why the lying creep needs an endless amount of test rounds. 

Given that Clark was accompanied by a guy that participated in my dad's torture (as a soldier on US Air Base Spangdahlem) and is now claiming to be working for the CIA when the 2 of them (Clark and "guy at the door") where in Amsterdam on march 5 of 2010, the organization of what Clark is trying to do becomes very obvious. The German as well as the Dutch police will be able to prove the case in a heartbeat. Clark is counting on their reluctants and difficulty to prove that the entire thing was a Pentagon / CIA operation to kill the witness of an earlier committed crime. 

If I live long enough and have just a little bit of support I would be able to prove that the US Air Force and more than one European government where very well informed about the upcoming 9/11 attack. That does not make me likeable for corrupt governments. 

It is however not my intention to further interfere with the US governments intention to burn down their own buildings. 

I promise that I will not interfere with the next dumb stunt that the US government is trying to pull as long as they leave me in peace. But that does not seem to be good enough.

Wes and his screaming dirt bag who are such experts on keeping America save, I am sure can handle a perfect evacuation all by themselves. They do not want my help and never needed me for anything other than trying to victimize my family. And use me as a scapegoat for future Pentagon fuck ups. Not volunteering to be Clark's next torture and murder victim is NOT MY RASSISM.

My goal is to have my dad's totally unnecessary torture and first degree murder investigated. That seems to make me a permanent target. Not so strange that a serial killer wants to wipe away the witness of an earlier crime.

Clark's torture of my dad took place at the following locations:

1992 Torture - Dworp near Brussels (Clark - Zu Guttenberg and 3 or 4 other Bundeswehr guys where there)

1992/93 again Torture near Leuven in Belgium, Clark and 2 Belgian police guys were present at the time.

1996 Torture - Spangdahlem Airbase There is a long list of witnesses known to every single district attorney in Germany. Clark was there and at least one military police guy that is now working for the CIA

1999 Torture and Murder took place in June of 1999 in Antwerp, Belgium. Clark was present in his green NATO uniform. My dad was a civilian. The way that this looked it seems to have been the intention to get me to shut up. Not to gain information.

After the very violent torture and brutal murder of my dad in 1999, Clark was still pursuing me in Europe on numerous occasions. The last time that I got kidnapped and shot at is in 2004. 

In September of 2010: The Dutch Crown Prince came to see me and apologized for things that the Dutch former BVD now called AIVD has done. Mid November of 2010 I saw him again but felt obligated to tell him that the same afternoon I would have 2 CIA types hang around at the same restaurant that I often go to when I need a break.

Without going into detail it turns out that the Dutch Royal family is very well informed about stuff that their secret service is doing. I do not find that a big surprise.

To the American celebs that are trying to sell Clarks BS story about my so called racism: Clark is the lying creep that has brutally tortured and murdered my dad. It is most certainly not the other way around and his "4 different hats…..religion" is not good enough as a motive.

Clark has first murdered my dad, while I was trying to keep US buildings save by giving you the correct information about the upcoming attack and is now trying to get me killed because I am not just a witness to the fact that the US Pentagon finds torturing totally helpless and innocent European civilians the most normal thing in the world, but I also have a lot of other information that more than one government might not want to have in the newspapers.

In order for anyone to call that my racism you have to be very confused. Just do not pretend to be a journalist with that sort of BS.

An American saying "I hate so and so country……"  IS NOT MY RACISM.

An American torturing and killing innocent civilians in Europe  IS NOT MY RACISM.

An American trying to sell the idea that it has to be legal for him to kill a witness of an earlier committed crime  IS NOT MY RACISM.

Clark pointing a machinegun at me for the first time when I was 5 years old IS NOT MY RACISM.

Here are few other examples of BS that the lying creep might want to try and sell in order to convince people that torture and murder has to be ok, when Clark feels like it.

I am crazy. I do not see stuff but are responsible for US Air Space anyway, even when the Pentagon does not want to evacuate. How about that one. Would not be the first time that I hear that type of nonsense.

Or how about this women that I had screaming at me for hours in 2004 that they (meaning the US government) have been building me up as a scapegoat for years and she had an urgent need for one at that time and was yelling at me that I should have been dead. Very unpleasant behavior that does leave behind a certain negative impression.

Actually I find it funny to use an understatement, but the entire combination of everything is just too much. It does not seem to repair and naturally that has to be my fault as well. Since the lovely Pentagon is trying so hard to get me repaired. 

I do notice the political change inside the White House and that is a giant relief, but I cannot imagine that president Obama would send around 2 torturers and call that repair. And after the treatment that I have experienced to just assume that I might find it interesting to work for the CIA is way too optimistic. So the entire story looks like another Clark organization that wants to maintain that

A. he has done nothing wrong.

B. out of the kindness of his heart, he is trying to "repair" me anyway

C. in order to get that done I am suppose to team up with the CIA shit that has participated in my dad's torture.

D. Why the CIA would go through so much trouble to try and hire a bad racist that never applied with them is also a mystery to me.

It is possible to be too optimistic.

I am very fed up with the lying snake that has tortured and murdered my dad and you know what, that too is NOT MY RACISM but an urgent need for justice. If justice never ever arrives it does turn into a need for revenge.

Why don't you fucking wake up and investigate reality instead of trying to sell Clarks hero fairy tale story and your government's propaganda.

I cannot buy into US Governments propaganda because I do have additional information. Trying to accuse me of racism after everything that the US Government has already messed up on purpose is way out of line !

America has no God given right to torture and murder people and further harass the victims and calling that my racism. Clark knew about my ability to see the future. It got him stationed in Germany in 1975. 

There was no need to torture or murder anyone because the information about the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon was already totally known. Clark started to torture my dad in 1992. He was clearly trying to shut down information and not gain it. The German government keeps insisting that it has to be a Clark private matter because they do not want to admit that the Bundeswehr aided and knew about it.

In other words, the US Government has a different approach of dealing with intel ones deniability is no longer an option. (Abu Ghraib etc). The German Army cannot easily admit to be participating in torture and murder of their own citizens when the Pentagon is asking for it but they did that and are now helping to cover it up.

Clark has no motive that could possibly justify what he has done. And there is no vacation, ring or otherwise gift that can easily repair the giant amount of damage that my dad's murder has caused. I want an investigation of the case and I want Clark on trial for torture and first degree murder !

Why don't you ad kidnapping and several counts of attempted murder on me, to the long list of Clark's criminal offences.

There seems to be a deal between the American and Dutch government that the White House gets to have a look at every single statement that Clark makes before the court in The Hague before any of it can get into the newspapers. I wonder what sort of an influence that deal has on the reluctants of the police in Europe to investigate the first degree murder that Clark has committed in 1999 ?

I am sure that the deal was not made to make my life any easier. And I still want an investigation of the case. My life is a total mess anyway. So I do not need any further harassment from Clark and his CIA buddies calling that we are trying to repair. I will never get to a point that I see sending around a lying murderer as another well meant attempt to try and repair me.

Modern codifications tend to create a genus of offenses, known collectively as homicide, of which murder is the most serious species, followed by manslaughter which is less serious, and ending finally in justifiable homicide, which is not a crime at all. Because there are 51 jurisdictions, each with its own criminal code, this section treats only the crime of murder, and does not deal with state-by-state specifics.
At base, murder consists of an intentional unlawful act with a design to kill and fatal consequences. Generally, an intention to cause great bodily harm is considered indistinguishable from an intention to kill, as is an act so inherently dangerous that any reasonable person would realize the likelihood of fatality. Thus, if the defendant hurled the victim from a bridge, it is no defense to argue that harm was not contemplated, or that the defendant hoped only to break bones.
Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.[2] Malice can be expressed (intent to kill) or implied. Implied malice is proven by acts that involve reckless indifference to human life or in a death that occurs during the commission of certain felonies (the felony murder rule). The exact terms of the felony murder vary tremendously from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Life sentencing for murder in the United States has a mean of 349 months (29 years one month) and a median of 480 months (40 years).[3] However, some states' sentencings contemplate a full life's confinement, whence the sentence of confinement is not deemed fulfilled while the convicted person lives; and the only way to fulfill the sentence (and thereby obtain release from confinement) is by the individuals death. These sentences are termed natural life and/or life without the possibility of parole. Additionally, life without the possibility of parole can be defined under special circumstances for example in the course of a robbery or additional crimes. (People v. Horn) Court of Appeals of California, Fourth District, Division One

Degrees of murder in the United States

Before the famous case of Furman v. Georgia in 1972, most states distinguished two degrees of murder. While the rules differed by state, a reasonably common scheme was that of Pennsylvania, passed in 1794: "Murder which shall be perpetrated by means of poison, or by lying in wait, or by any other kind of willful, deliberate, and premeditated killing, or which shall be committed in the perpetration or attempt to perpetrate, any arsonraperobbery, or burglary, shall be deemed murder of the first degree (or capital murder in some states that carry the death penalty); and all other kinds of murder shall be deemed murder of the second degree."[4] "Murder one", as the term was popularized by novels and television, carried a penalty of death, or life in prison, while the penalty for "murder two" was generally around 80 years in prison.
After the Supreme Court placed new requirements on the imposition of the death penalty, most states adopted one of two schemes. In both, third degree murder became the catch-all, while first degree murder was split. The difference was whether some or all first degree murders should be eligible for the most serious penalty (generally death, but sometimes life in prison without the possibility of parole).
The first scheme, used by Pennsylvania and the most common[5] among other states:

First Degree Murder: An intentional killing by means of poison, or by lying in wait, or by any other kind of willful, deliberate and premeditated action.

Second Degree Murder: Homicide committed by an individual engaged as a principal or an accomplice in the perpetration of a felony.

Third Degree Murder: Any other murder (e.g. when the intent was not to kill, but to harm the victim).

The second scheme, used by New York among other States.         

First Degree Murder: Murder involving special circumstances, such as murder of a police officer, judge, fireman or witness to a crime; multipe murders; and torture or especially heinous murders. 

Note that a "regular" premeditated murder, absent such special circumstances, is not a first-degree murder; murders by poison or "lying in wait" are not per se first-degree murders. First degree murder is pre-meditated.[6] However, the New York Court of Appeals struck down the death penalty as unconstitutional in the case of People v. LaValle, because of the statute's direction on how the jury was to be instructed in case of deadlock in the penalty phase.

Second Degree Murder: Any premeditated murder or felony murder that does not involve special circumstances.[7]

Schemes similar to Pennsylvania's are used in California and Massachusetts. A scheme similar to New York's is used in Texas, but first degree murder is called "capital murder". 

Other states use the term "capital murder" for those offenses that merit death, and the term is often used even in states whose statutes do not include the term. As of 2009, 35 states and the federal government have laws allowing capital punishment for certain murders and related crimes (such as treasonterrorism, and espionage). The penalty is rarely asked for and more rarely imposed, but it has generated tremendous public debate. See also capital punishment and capital punishment in the United States.

In death penalty-states with the New-York scheme, first degree murder itself is eligible for the death penalty. In death penalty-states with the Pennsylvania scheme, first-degree murder must involve an additional aggravating factor for being eligible for the death penalty.

Mandatory sentencing
Second degree murder
Imprisonment for life or any term
Second degree murder by an inmate, even escaped, serving a life sentence
Life imprisonment
First degree murder
Death or life imprisonment