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This picture is taken in approximately the summer of either 1964 or 65, in my memory I was not yet 2 years old at the time and could not fully speak yet. The person to the left is my dad, that got murdered in a very violent way.

Reinhold Komes, born march 18 of 1932 got tortured and murdered by Wes Clark inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium in the summer of 1999. Wes Clark was not just there in his green NATO uniform but has organized it himself. 2 Belgian policemen were taking pictures of the torture and murder that took place at the end of June of 1999.

Wes Clark, ex-Pentagon and ex-Nato has initiated a torture program inside European hospitals and on US Air Bases in Europe that started in 1992. I am more than just a little bit pissed off about what I had to witness and expect the bastard to be put on trial for it.

But except a giant liar, racist, torturer and murderer Clark is also a coward, so he will make up whatever bullshit story to avoid having to go to trial for criminal offences that he actually has committed.

Clark has told me in May of 2000 when breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland (the Swiss police got called so this can easily be proven) that it was my fault that he got fired from his NATO job. Meaning I guess that the torture and very violent murder that he had committed had consequences for him and that was supposed to be my fault, even though I had not yet pressed any charges. The guy is not ticking straight. Hearing that piece of shit trying to sell the idea that he has any honor makes me want to vomit. The guy is a disgrace to the US Army and to NATO. A perfect example of what America should not want to stand for. A torturer and murderer who pretends to be a hero. And finds it the most normal thing in the world to get away with earlier committed crimes and to further stalk and harass the victims.

There are several Belgian police guys working for NATO, I assume that have accompanied Clark on his trips in Brussels or Knokke in 1992. There are even Americans working for the US Embassy in Brussels at the time. And there are also Germans working for either Bundeswehr or NATO that have seen Clarks organized trips to constantly stalk and harass me.

These people could easily testify that Clark kept stalking me in 1992 and 93. He would at times send around Belgian police guys to ask for a date. There is even one occasion when a Belgian police guy was telling me that he was send by Clark to ask me for a date, talking in French, but at the same time urgently signaling with his arms, that he was wearing a wire and I should say NO. Which is not difficult because I could never stand the aggressive manner in which Clark and his ugly screaming bitch kept pursuing me in Brussels for no reason. They both had no business in Brussels at the time. Clark was still working for the Pentagon and kept flying to Brussels and Knokke sometimes in the company of his hysterical rag to interfere with my work and scream at me in the middle of the streets. His behavior has always been outrageous and totally out of line.

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WES CLARK on Twitter
@GeneralClark Little Rock, Arkansas
Retired 4-star general, 
former NATO Supreme Liar, Torturer and Murderer 
Sadistical Piece of Shit who Tortures, Murders, Kidnappes 
and lies about it !


Wes Clark
If you want a sustainable future for all, urge your Senator to pass clean energy and climate policy. 

Wes's last Tweet in 2010 - 1 day afterwards he was stalking me again on March the 5th of 2010 in Amsterdam. Then he took a very long Twitter break as if Wes was worried that someone would finally investigate the in 1999 committed torture and murder of my dad. 

During the entire summer of 2010, I have sent around numerous letters to all sorts of government facilities in Europe and the US.

Wes is back on Twitter after a break of almost an entire year, in February of 2011. Below you find the first Tweet after his very long break, dating February 28 of 2011. His son approached me on Facebook recently (April of 2011) with some bullshit story that Clark senior could not have been in Europe. Lying runs in the family as well as a giant ego and amazing arrogance. 

Wes Clark was in Amsterdam on March 5 of 2010 and many other times as well. He has been seen there. 30 years of stalking could not possibly be done without leaving witnesses. Clark would get in immediate trouble the moment that anyone starts to investigate or ask him any questions about where he was on the dates that I mention elsewhere on this blog.

Wes Clark
Looking forward to being on “Anderson Cooper 360°” tonight
28 Feb 2011 via web Favorite Retweet Reply


 Wes Clark 

Change of plans. No CNN tonight.
 Wes Clark 

Watch me tomorrow on @ and @
 Wes Clark 

looking forward to being on with @ tonight!
 Wes Clark 

Looking forward to being on “Anderson Cooper 360°” tonight
 Wes Clark 

If you want a sustainable future for all, urge your Senator to pass clean energy and climate policy.  
 Wes Clark 

on @ tonight!
 Wes Clark 

Congrats to my friends @, @, & @on launching their new firm!
 Wes Clark 

going on @ tonight with @
 Wes Clark 

Just returning from Haiti. Met with President there. Trying to promote sustainable development.
 Wes Clark 

I'm in Iowa speaking at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. Biofuels are a big part of America's future!

Blue is the last tweet of 2010 - 1 day after this tweet he was stalking me again in Amsterdam on march the 5th of 2010.

Red is when Wes starts to tweet again after a break of almost one year on February 28 of 2011

The lying snake pretends on his website to be against torture. In reality Clark is not at all against torture but has actually committed very violent torture and premeditated murder and finds it very normal to get away with it.


The way in which my dad was tortured is much worse than this picture. It was not with electrical wiring but with a knife. My dad was handcuffed to a hospital bed and had been very violently cut up but did not get any medical attention. Wes Clark was present in his green NATO uniform and has organized the torture himself.

Wes has afterwards on numerous occasions let me know to be very proud of what he has done.

If you want a better future for all why not urge your Senator to drag Clark into Court in the US and force him to come clean about his earlier committed crimes. That might be even more urgent then the environment.

And again, with the sole intention to make it easier for people to hack the bastard's site or gather information, here is one of Clark's phone numbers that I have found on the Internet.

Wesley K. Clark and Associates, LLC

116 Ottenheimer St,

Little Rock, AR 72201-1667

Telephone (501) 244-9522

Given the fact that the police all over Europe and the US are fully informed if I ever get to a point that I just kill the bastard myself, I will consider it legal. The police in more than one country have had plenty of information about the case and plenty of time to investigate.

If I were to kill the piece of shit myself it would always be self defense because the bastard just does not ever stop harassing and stalking me and so far no police facility has the courage to stop him. I have not ever in my live been to the US. Clark has been travelling to Europe to stalk and harass me over 30 times since 1975. I am more than just fed up with it. I have send out way over 300 descriptions per normal mail. There is only so much that people can take. As long as the police refuse to investigate I will consider killing Clark legal.


My dad's violent torture and murder was with intent, and very organized and certainly qualifies as especially heinous crime.

The motive for the killing seems to be, to prevent me from warning about the 9/11 attack. That too has led to more people getting killed during the attack

That in my personal opinion is a lot more then reckless endangerment of the people that got killed during the attack of September the 11th of 2001. But it was actually not the idea to prevent the war that occurred as a result of the attack of 9/11.

Anyone who can think straight will immediately realize that this entire situation does have a lot to do with the national security of more than one country.

Message for the White House

The fact that Bill Clinton is informed about the case also means that President Obama must have knowledge about the case by now. I hope that the White House is aware that I will do whatever it takes to bring down Clark. I am done playing nice.

Either you finally put the bastard on trial or I have every right to kill him on sight and consider it legal. Your Department of Justice and police is fully informed by now. The same goes for the relevant courts and police facilities in Europe.

In the case that you are a Russian - Chinese or Arab government official that just stumbled on to my blog: If you take it upon yourself to kill Clark or his ugly bitch, I will consider it a personal favour. If you get caught, just tell them it was my idea and it was self defense !!!

Wes, I am sure that your ego is such that you look on my blog every now and then just to make sure that you get enough attention.

My dad was a much more valuable human being than you have ever been and I have personally done a lot more to keep America save than you have.

You are a sadist, a liar, a torturer, a murderer and a racist. Your wife is an amazingly stupid, ugly bitch with a totally inflated ego. And you both deserve the electric chair.

For someone who claims to be such a hero it is quite surprising that you do not even dare to come clean in court, you filthy bastard.

The next time that you scream at people that you are a jew to prepare a motive for premeditated murder consider this you dumb fuck:

In a religious sense you are not a jew and you never have been. It is a bit sad that you never took the time to learn enough about any religion to figure that one out.

Your dad's ethnicity is not relevant unless you are deliberately trying to make the point that you are a racist and my dad's murder was a hate crime.

If you are the best that West Point had in the 60's your country must have been in a very bad shape at the time.

And even now you are an enormous coward who is only interested in his own ego or you would just dare to come clean instead of trying to hide behind your political buddies.

To the US Department of Justice
concerning your letter no. 4 of December 2011:

Who do you think you are kidding ?

Why don't you check your own laws, you can be expected to understand them.


For your information torture and first degree murder are not legal under US law. Multiple kidnappings are not legal either. Not to mention the 35 years of stalking and harassment that are outrageous and undoable for anyone.

US Air bases in Europe or elsewhere are considered US soil and therefore any laymen can figure out that the US Department of Justice is fully responsible for an investigation of the case.

Torture and first degree murder is a lot more than just misconduct. And yes to the best of my knowledge torture and first degree murder are prosecutable violations under US federal law.

I have witnessed Wes Clark commit torture in 3 different countries in Europe plus on an American Airbase. That makes it a crime that the US federal authorities are obligated to investigate.
I did not have to chat with any lawyer to figure that out.
In the meantime while you are still busy trying to keep me occupied with bullshit I will spend my time more efficiently and motivate who ever I can find to kill Wes and his hysterical bitch and consider that legal and self defense until you finally wake up and start investigating the murderer and not further harass the victims.

If you really do want to have a clue about what is going on: Shit Clark dragged some CIA guy onto a terrace in Brussels in 1992 claiming to be Richard Holbrooke. The guy was very charming but did not look like Holbrooke. So maybe you should check your CIA files to see what lies and bullshit Clark was putting together in 1992 to make himself look good. The fake Holbrooke was claiming to work for the CIA in Brussels at the time.

During the torture on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996 Wes claimed to be the base commander of Spangdahlem and among other things threatened to shoot my dad and me if I tried to get my dad of the base where he was tortured at the time. Plenty of people who have witnessed Clark torture at the time.

Wes had motivated some Spangdahlem MP guy to participate in the torture. The last time that I have seen Wes and the former MP is on March the 5th of 2010 in Amsterdam. The former MP now claims to be working for the CIA.

In the summer of 1998 Clark has organized a situation inside the city center of Nijmegen that must have been embarrassing to the German Army.

Plenty of witnesses.

Clark at the time used the Dutch police and had actually organized a situation in which people were told to line up for a selection.

In my mind the ridiculous way in which Clark is trying to sell the idea that he would somehow be traumatized by the second WW must be insulting to people who really are victims of that war.

I am getting sick and tired of having to defend the idea that even people who happen to be born with a German passport have a right to live.

My dad was 13 years old when the Second World War ended and to the best of my knowledge has not been in the Hitlerjugend.

His father, my granddad had deserted Hitler's Army which was more dangerous than participating because it was not a volunteer Army. Men who deserted got shot on sight when found. As a result of my granddads choice to desert the entire family was in danger.

By now I am old enough to understand that while the actions of one single person can sometimes make a big negative or positive difference I do not think that there are many people who could by themselves hold back something as huge as the second WW. Certainly my family was not in that position.

I have also spend enough time protesting against the Iraq war to a point that I have a very clear idea of how dangerous it can be to go against government nutcases who just want a war.

So while my dad was in danger as a teenager and my granddad had to hide to avoid getting shot by Hitler's Army, Wes Clark was lying around in his diapers in Chicago and not old enough to realize that there might be a war going on.

I am done allowing people to try and manipulate me into feeling guilty about a war that was over before I was born and that I would not have been able to stop anyway even if I had been alive at the time.

People who do that are usually trying to make the point that they want to feel superior.

Wes Clark pointed a machinegun at me when I was 5 years old. I have seen how very hateful Wes looks at little 3 year old children as if he would love to pull the trigger anytime as long as the child is German.

In a religious sense bloody torture and first degree murder is never legal and the idea that the jewish religion or ethnicity would grant people special privileges to commit first degree murder of innocent people and still feel as if you are the victim is lost on me.

Especially since the lying snake did not even take the time to check out the details of the religion that he would like to use to make himself look good.

If US soldiers are traumatized by the second WW to a point where they cannot refrain from torturing even though they were not yet born maybe you should give them the support of a psychiatrist and ask them to put down their arms and find a different job.


I do not have any knowledge about what either Donald Rumsfeld or G.W.Bush have done as far as torture is concerned.

What I do know for sure because I have witnessed it, is that Wes Clark has initiated a torture program in Europe starting in 1992. And I expect the bastard to go to trial for it.

By now I am pissed off enough by everything that I feel that I have a legal right to shoot him on sight.

After all - Every relevant government - court - and police facility in Europe and the US are informed about the case.

Message to
Anders Fogh Rasmussen:

The torture and murder that Clark has committed did not happen while you were responsible for NATO.

For your information I will stop at nothing to prove this case. NATO is meant to protect Europe that means me as well.

I do not expect you to keep lending equipment or manpower to this lying murdering piece of shit.

Clark was running around in Knokke and Brussels in 1992 using NATO cars and NATO people as if it was his own personal play ground.

Clark is standard driving either BMW or Renaults with Belgian license plates while in Germany to further harass me.

The very least that you could do is stop supplying equipment to this murdering piece of shit. When someone has fucked up this bad the best way to do damage control is to come clean about what happened.

I am certain that NATO has files on the case just like the CIA does.

Again: I am European - Wes is not and since the White House has advised me to turn to European facilities to investigate the case, I expect you to investigate and stop aiding the bastard.

I am not longer willing to send around mountains of paperwork just to collect more bullshit stories on paper of why this lying snake is suppose to be untouchable.

You investigate the case or you suffer the consequences!

Wes's screaming bitches hanging meat mountains are not something that NATO should find interesting enough to lend either manpower or equipment for.

But that crap is suppose to be one of the 2 pre-cooked motives why poor Wes had to torture.

The fact that he married a brainless dumb bag is not something that anyone in Europe should have to deal with. Her hysterical tantrums or PMS are not something that NATO should find interesting enough to go to war over. And her ugly figure and amazingly dumb behavior are certainly not got enough as a motive for torture and first degree murder.

Just like Clark the women has no decency but does have a giant ego in which she believes herself to be Miss Universe.

I certainly do not find that good enough as a motive for first degree murder. I do have a right to expect to be left in peace by Clark and his ugly screaming dirt bag.