9/11 attack and other predictions

The idea is to place a description in here of the different places that I have put warnings about the upcoming 9/11 attack but also other predictions over the years. This blog is however not finished yet. The information on it changes regularly.

The Dutch Royal family plus the German government have received the correct date of the future attack on the WTC plus the Pentagon from me on paper, as far back as 1979. On that paper is a drawing of the burning WTC towers, plus below the drawing I have written down the correct 4 flight numbers of the future attack on the WTC.

How is that possible?

I am one of the most clairvoyant people on the planet and the Pentagon has been fully aware of that fact since 1968. I had as a 5 year old predicted the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon multiple times without realizing that the WTC towers where not fully built yet. 

I have also predicted and described Armstrong landing on the moon in 1968 when talking to US Airforce people at a point in time when the people around me did not seem to know who this Armstrong guy was supposed to be. Of course I have mentioned the correct date of the moon landing plus the famous quote....It is a small step.....

My grandparents had a Hotel in Germany at the time and where also renting apartment space inside their own farm to Americans when I was 5 years old in 1968. After the Pentagon received the very first messages from me, they have send someone around with camera and taping equipment to make sure that they "catch" every bit of information that I was babbling about. Among other things I was telling this Air Force guy with the taping equipment about the future Watergate and Lewinsky Affaires and was also telling him all of the names of all the future US Presidents until Bush Jr. 

I have met G.W. Bush junior for the first time in 1975. He came to visit my grandparents Hotel together with Wes Clark who had been transferred to Germany with his family in 1975, after I had mentioned his name only once while talking to 2 Spangdahlem Military Police guys in a German village by the name of Burg/Salm.

This is just to give you an idea of: 

The Pentagon is never slow and not totally stupid. They would not hesitate to rape any 5 year old that has information that they want.

So did the Pentagon or otherwise US Government have any reason to doubt anything that I predict or say ?

Hell no. Clark has been stalking me ever since he got transferred to Germany with his arrogant shit of a son and the brainless, hysterical, ugly bitch of a wife. (In 1975)

To me it never seemed like I was persecuted by the Pentagon. But it always looked as if fucking shit Clark and his ugly dirt bag have such giant ego's that they could not deal with getting transferred to Germany (a country that Clark the racist hates for no reason) because of the predictions of a 12 year old. I was never asking for Clark or his ugly dirt bag. These people have been totally impossible to get along with, but I had just mentioned Clarks name as a future Nato Saceur during a war in Yugoslavia, at a point in time when the Berlin wall had not fallen yet, for a long time. 

I do understand the Pentagons decision to drop Clark the psychopath and his ugly screaming dirt bag in Germany. The intention was probably to gain more information. Instead Clark never ever cared about the country (the US) or its people. Nor did he give a shit about the attack on the WTC. The only thing that ever mattered to the Clarks was their own ego. And that ego got badly damaged by having to live in a little village in Germany. A country that they hate for no reason other than their own racism.

During arguments inside their own house in 1975 Clark's ugly dirt bag would scream at him on the top of her lungs:    "And what if she gets to Brussels before we do............?"

I had mentioned to some American military people that I would in the future work in Brussels. And yes of course I got to Brussels before the Clarks did. I was selling shoulder pads to the Fashion Industry in Brussels in 1992. At a point in time when Clark and his ugly dirt bag had no reason to be there. They were flying in from the States multiple times during the summer of 1992 and 93 with the sole intention to bother and harass me at my work.

There was never any need or reason to torture or harm anyone to gain information from me. The Dutch Royal family plus the German government had like I said, received the date of the future 9/11 attack on WTC and Pentagon plus the 4 correct flight numbers on paper from me as early as 1979.

I had also put the date of the attack and the name of Bin Laden on paper before when I was 5 years old. That paper was picked up by the German police in 1968. The German BND was hanging inside my grandparents phone connection in the 70's, while I was talking on the phone to Base command Spangdahlem. During that phone conversation in the summer of 1976 I once again mentioned the future Lewinsky affair and told the US Air Force that the WTC attack would occur around the year 2000 and that I would make sure that I "find" the flight numbers for them. It took a visit from the Dutch Royal family in 1979 for me to see them. 

During a phone conversation with US Spangdahlem Air Force base commanders office in 1976 I had mentioned the name of Mohammed Atta and also gave the women on the phone (the secretary of the base commander) the correct address of Atta in Hamburg, Marienstrasse 54. I told her straight away that it would not be possible to find anything on that address in 1976 but that the FBI should contact the BKA no later than 1996 to follow Atta around who in my mind would have arrived at that address in Germany by that time.

Without a proper investigation I cannot figure out if Clark's constant, always nasty and provoking behavior had any kind of plan behind it or it really was: Clark fucked up himself on purpose because his ego is so giant that he cannot get over having to live in Germany for 2 years in 1975 and 1976. 

Clarks behavior was never such that could possibly ever lead to more information from me but exactly the opposite.


I can also say this for sure: I have spoken to the German police 2 days prior to the attack of 9/11 and gave them the correct 4 flight numbers plus the correct date of the attack. I was asking the German police to wake up Schröder in the middle of the night (Saturday to Sunday night the 8th to 9th of September 2011) and ask him to warn Bush straight away about the upcoming attack. What I can tell you is this: The 2 German police guys that I was talking to were taking my information very serious and were in a big hurry to drive off and get stuff done after I had just told them "that we are 2 days away from another war......." There is no doubt in my mind that the German government has tried to warn Bush about the upcoming attack. It is of course up to the Geman security facilities (the BND and the German Army) to try and decide how exactly they are going to warn. Is that Schröder phoning Bush, is it by dropping the information at NATO ? Is it more efficient or prudent to hand over all of the information from me to the UN and ask them to warn the White House about it ?   

I have no idea, how exactly they where warning but have noticed by looking at Heidi Klum's comments on Letterman, that the BND seems to be a bit frustrated about the entire WTC situation and the way in which the CIA is handling the information.

Heidi got send on Letterman to announce that Saddam would be found 2 days after I had predicted it and 1 day before he was actually found, in December of 2003.

On Sunday the 9th of September 2001 I have spend the entire Sunday afternoon at a friend's house. This is someone that I grew up with who knows extremely well how clairvoyant I am. We talked about nothing else but the upcoming 9/11 attack the entire afternoon. Pete (my friend) is married to an American who works for the US Air Force. The guys name is Joe Schmucker (Pete and Joe Schmucker live in Ogden, Utah). Joe in the past was repairing Air Planes for the US Air Force. He was on the phone with what I believed to be Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany at the time, but it could have just as well been the Pentagon and he did of course pass on the flight numbers and the date plus the 2 targets of the attack: the WTC and the Pentagon. So plenty of details to easily evacuate the buildings. Even the time schedule was completely known.

Pete and Joe by the way after the attack to do not care to remember how extremely precise the predictions were. In her words: "We need to put the past behind us…." I guess that must be much easier if you did not lose any family members during that day. And naturally their sudden amnesia has everything to do with his job. He is still working for the Air Force and things might get difficult at his work, if he would too obviously admit that the entire attack could have easily been prevented. I believe that enough media attention could get them to spill their guts and spit out the details of how much information we all had prior to the attack and naturally any normal police force could without much trouble investigate their phone records of September the 9th of 2001 and find out for sure if it was a US Air Force base in Germany that Joe was talking to or the Pentagon directly. But so far neither the media nor the police have enough guts or need for truth to investigate the case.

I have also talked about the upcoming attack on the phone with Harrison Ford in the summer of 2000 for about 1 hour. And naturally I once again passed on the correct 4 flight numbers plus the date and a very detailed description of the attack. Furthermore I had mentioned the name of Mohammed Atta and his correct address in Hamburg when talking on the phone to US Air Base Spangdahlem in 1976. And had also given the 4 correct flight numbers of the attack plus the correct date and a drawing of what the towers looked like while they were burning to the Dutch Royal Family on paper as early as 1979. In addition to that the Pentagon has me on camera in 1968 at age 5 announcing that they will, in the future, be attacked and have a war in Iraq.  

Naturally the Pentagon does not want to admit that they were very seriously warned time and time again. I have no opinion if it was an inside job or not, because I have no knowledge about that. What I do know for sure is this: The Dutch Royal family, the German police and the US Air Force all had the correct 4 flight numbers, the targets of the attack plus the date. And the US Air Force had received Mohammed Atta's name and Hamburg address in 1976 with the urgent warning to follow the guy around starting in 1996 at the latest. So what I do know for sure is that the attack could have been prevented if the US Government had wanted to prevent it. 

Instead they did nothing to evacuate the buildings and murdered my dad. People keep asking me for the motive and I must say I am a bit clueless.........my dad's murder could not possibly get them any more information than they already had. And the way in which that was done is suggesting very much the opposite: We do not want to be warned and are willing to kill to shut you up. I guess a part of their mission failed. I do not shut up but keep sending correct information around to whatever media and police facility that I can find. And yes given the extremely shity mentality that I have experienced with Clark, I would not for a second be surprised to learn that the CIA has Osama Bin Laden on their speed dial and that either the CIA or the Bush family had contact with Mr. Bin Laden to fine-tune the details of the attack.

The fucking US Government is allowed to get their own citizens killed by stupidity or otherwise. I cannot force them to keep their country save, and I am not responsible for US Air Space. All I can do is warn and they were warned. I do not except the fact that the Pentagon tortures and murders my dad while I am trying to keep American buildings save. That is totally unacceptable and as a result I refuse to ever pass on any information that the USA could benefit from until Clark goes to trial for the torture and murder of my dad. I want the guy on the electric chair !!! What I have seen was certainly bad enough. He deserves it. So much for Clark is concerned with America's safety. The only thing that really matters to Clark is his ambition and his giant ego. 

Petra and Joe Schmucker can be found on Facebook just in case any media or police facility wishes to question them about the knowledge that we all had about the upcoming 9/11 attack:

Petra Schmucker on Facebook


Joe Schmucker on Facebook


Petra and Joe are nowadays living in Ogden Utah, before that they were living in Layton Utah, and in 2001 Joe was stationed in Germany and they were living in Landscheid/Eifel Germany. Very close to US Airbase Spangdahlem.  For media or police that are serious about investigating, I do have a long list of phone numbers and addresses of witnesses. Like I said any investigation at all will very easily be able to prove all sorts of details.


To Journalists, police, district attorneys, politicians or anyone else that wants to know the truth and would like to investigate the case, here are a few starting points:


Contact Donald Rumsfeld and ask him on camera how much information was known about the upcoming attack. Yes, of course it is not realistic to believe that he would in all honesty say: All of it. We knew the date and the targets of the upcoming attack. But it is the truth !

Ask him what he meant when talking to Peter Struck (former German defense minister) on a NATO meeting in 2002 when he said (on camera, broadcasted by the Dutch evening news) "We want your Spitback 500……."


Contact Harrison Ford and ask him if it is true that he was talking to someone on the phone in the summer of 2000 for about 1 hour that was giving him the date and the flight numbers of the 9/11 attack and asking him to warn White House, Pentagon, NATO and the UN about it. (The phone call had been organized by either the Pentagon or the CIA)


Contact the Dutch Royal Family and ask them if it is true that they had the date of the attack, the 4 flight numbers plus information about the explosion of Enschede on paper since 1979. On the paper is a drawing of what the towers looked like when they were burning.


Contact Pete and Joe Schmucker (see Facebook links above, living in Ogden Utah, USA) to ask them if it is true that they have received the 4 correct flight numbers of the attack plus the date and other details on Sunday the 9th of September. Ask Joe Schmucker who it was that he was talking to on the phone that Sunday afternoon, 2 days prior to the attack. Getting Pete and Joe to finally come clean will prove at the very least that the US Air Force had very detailed prior knowledge about the attack. It is however possible that Joe Schmucker was talking to the Pentagon directly on September the 9th of 2001.

Contact Wes Clark and ask him where he was on the dates mentioned on another page of this blog.

If any of the below mentioned people

Donald Rumsfeld

Harrison Ford

The Dutch Royal family

Pete and Joe Schmucker

Wes Clark

claim to have had no prior knowledge about the upcoming 9/11 attack. They are lying. Needless to say that I am aware that the story is complicated.  The truth sometimes is. If I had made up a fantasy story for attention or whatever reason, I would have to make sure that the story is easy.

My story is not at all easy. I am one of the more clairvoyant people on the planet. I have warned 12 times (between 1968 and September the 9th of 2001) in total about the upcoming attack. And instead of the US Government even trying to prevent the attack, it got my dad tortured and killed.

And it got me a lot of unwanted, negative attention from Wes Clark and his ugly, screaming bitch. Clark and his hysterical dirt bag have been totally impossible to get along with every since I first met them in 1975.

Like I said before: As a result of Clark's behavior and the very organized torture and murder of my dad, I will never again try to warn about anything going down in the US. The Pentagon desperately wanted these buildings to go down. It is their Air Space, their decision. I will however, never except the fact that Clark expects to get away with torturing and murdering my dad. Is jumping around in the US media and lying about being against torture and finds it normal to keep on stalking and harassing me.

Clark seems to believe that his past as a Pentagon and NATO employee makes him totally untouchable. So far the lame and cowardly behavior of the media and the police seem to confirm that idea. I will not ever accept that.

Here is another witness that can easily confirm that Clark keeps harassing me:

Ask the following person if it is true that he has had a meeting with Wes Clark and a CIA guy on march the 5th of 2010 at location La Place, Muntbergweg in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost:

Klaas Nienhuis can be reached by contacting the following firm (he is one of the 4 owners of the firm). The appointment between Nienhuis and Clark was made about 2 weeks prior to march the 5th of 2010.

it suits IT
3401 DM IJsselstein
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)30 687 4739
Fax +31 (0)30 687 4749
E info@itsuitsit.com
W www.itsuitsit.com

And again, in case  Nienhuis claims to not have had an appointment with Clark and the CIA guy (name unknown but the same guy was working for the military police on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996 and has knowledge about my dad's torture and murder), he would be lying.

I have experienced many times over the years that people feel so proud about meeting a celebrity for the first time in their live that they are willing to believe whatever bullshit that Clark is trying to sell. Clark is a liar and an aggressive piece of shit with a giant ego for as long as I have known him (since 1975). He does not at all value the truth and finds it the most normal thing in the world to fly all the way to Italy and hang up bullshit stories about me trying to kidnap someone at firms that I intended to do business with.