Monday, 23 April 2012

Celebrity Attention

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, was so kind as to apologize for the negative part that the Dutch secret service has played in this case (on September 26 of 2010). Not much later I had a surprise visit from Richard Branson (beginning of June 2011) along the German highway, who seems to have asked Bill Clinton to come by as well and have a look. (End September of 2011) Bill Clinton turns out to be very well informed. That should not be a big surprise. Ex-presidents of the US have permanent access to CIA files.

Of course I feel extremely flattered with the celebrity attention. It is however disturbing that the entire caravan. Dutch Royal family, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton, seem to know at all times the exact location where I am. That proves that I have either a satellite dish permanently on my roof or a tracking device in my car.

In combination with the permanent attention inside my phone line a very disturbing idea. And so far this has not led to any normal investigation of the case.

See for further information the page: Responses from Government